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About the Wish list category (1)
Set an Ubuntu icon for the apps launcher (13)
Change filemanager to Nemo ( 2 ) (29)
Implement to change desktop layouts (14)
Caffeine applet default minutes settings (1)
Budgie on this type of Android TV (5)
Optional replacement of screen lock with i3lock (2)
Keyboard layout changing (3)
Audio Out switch in Raven or Taskbar (2)
Matebook X Pro fingerprint reader support ( 2 ) (29)
Applet: Advanced Brightness control combined with night mode (1)
Applet: Show clipboard contents in budgie-panel (6)
Global Multiple Caret Support (2)
Hotkey to move active window 1 right and 1 left (10)
Gestures via touchpad (11)
Button for duplicating the selected applet in panel overview / applet default space(r) (4)
I have 2 suggestions/requests (9)
Pithos 1.4.1 - can it be added to UB backports (4)
[Request] A default way for changing wallpaper every few minutes ( 2 ) (22)
Install full Ubuntu Budgie and bootloader on USB drive (10)
Budgie should seperate system tray applet into individual icons (6)
Moving budgie applets and themes to budgie desktop settings (2)
Raven menu should allow rearranging of applets (2)
Allow right clicking to edit panels, applets and open settings (2)
The nightlight applet should allow setting the temperature from gnome settings (2)
Replacing the clock applet with the calendar applet by default (3)
Add option for power button to bring up power management dialog with countdown (2)
Auto change wallpaper based on time (8)
Raven Menu & Notification (1)
[ Request ] Proper airplane mode (3)