18.04 (and 17.10?) small bug with the Agenda Applet

Hello people!

I identified a small bug with the Agenda Applet under 18.04: if you personalise the way time is displayed (say %a. %d %b %y %k%M), that way will be ignored at a certain point and the time will be displayed in a different manner.

what is the “agenda applet” ? is that the calendar applet?

I’m aware of a custom date issue - upstream have fixed it but have not released a new version of the applet.

When I find some time I will backport the fix. It is on my very long list of stuff-to-do.

It is the calendar applet indeed. If I can somehow be helpful without having any developer competences…

This commit needs to be added to the calendar applet package (budgie-calendar-applet) and tested:

Hopefully should be resolve now - please update as normal - logout and login.