19.10 how to change the colour of hidden icons in Nautilus

Hi guys, could you someone show me where can I change the settings to display hidden icons in specific colour in Nautilus? As I recall from elementaryOS the look was very clear after ctrl+H - standard icons were in light blue and hidden icons are in grey, while in Budgie the difference is only in dot in the name of icons. I would be grateful for help.

That may be an Elementary OS feature. I have been using Nautilus and other file managers with Ubuntu , Deepin and Manjaro for some years and have not seen hidden folders displayed with different colors.

Seem to remember that Elementary doesn’t use Nautilus - they have their own file-manager called Pantheon. So I concur with your observation that this is specifically a feature of that file-manager.

Whether GTK CSS theming is powerful enough to recognise hidden files vs actual files I’m not sure of. Usually an application will need to add a “style class” to say “this is hidden” - CSS theming can then recognise this and change its styling properties such as colour. Assuming nautilus doesnt do this out of the box, then a small tweak to the code will need to be done. This becomes an upstream GNOME matter.

Yes, you are right, I spoke about Pantheon Files. In my opinion very good file manager, I work with for few years and sometimes I miss for a couple of it features, one of them is another colour of hidden icons.
Anyway thanks for your answer.