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2 questions in 1 :-) Discourse " SOLVED" and ScreenCapture Applet


Hello to my Budgie family :slight_smile:

  1. DISCOURSE question
    I am helping a friend setting up is Discourse forum and I would like to know " WHICH DISCOURSE PLUGIN are your using for the " SOLVE " feature ? There seem to be several availableā€¦ I mean the checkbox we click to say " this reply SOLVED my problem"

  2. Screen capture Applet in Budgie Applet
    I use a lot and like the screen capture Applet, could you tell me where the source / code is ? for someone not with budgie wanting to use it ( heā€™s on debianā€¦) He could google but he loved the one i am using and I am trying to tell him where to find it

Tks !


@bashfulrobot please can you answer the plugin Q?


@fossfreedom tks a lot !
Do appreciateā€¦


@fossfreedom :wink: ?
Tks !


According to our plugins page, we are using this oneā€¦

It is an official one provided by discourse, and was ā€œout of the boxā€ for us. But we use a hosted discourse forum.


Tks !!!
Appreciate a lotā€¦