24.04 Testing - Are you brave enough?

So, where is the setting for Desktop Icons, no longer in Desktop Settings/Desktop?

it hasn’t changed. If you have just tried to uplift to the latest packages today you may have uninstalled nemo which would have hidden the desktop settings entry. The archive is still in flux - should be resolved in the next 24 hours. Hopefully then the daily ISO will resume.

I don’t recommend people use their current noble install - reinstallation with a new ISO would be better.

I just worked through an update that removed and reinstalled a large number of packages and noticed software sources still won’t open. There is a bug report. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+s…s/+bug/2053228

Software properties fixed after another large update. The first update removed a number of packages related to the desktop and was able work through with the fix broken install command.

The Budgie welcome icon showed up also and looks nice in the dock

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The latest updates have broken ISO builds for almost all flavours.

Also there is an emergency due to this security issue oss-security - backdoor in upstream xz/liblzma leading to ssh server compromise - devs are working the easter break to resolve. Expect more fixes here.

Will ping once the ISO issues are resolved.


Thanks for the update. I have been using Ubuntu starting in 2008. 1st time for everything.

xz-utils updated 4-1-24.

How does one add a wallpaper to the list? I attempt to add a wallpaper (desktop background), can browse to the source, but cannot add the new wallpaper. Is there a size limit or something? Or a bug?

Same behavior here, I can navigate , but not add wallpaper. Size has not made a difference in the past except for adding to the usr/share/backgrounds folder.

Can confirm.

The issue is that the image thumbnail on the picture chooser dialog is failing to create a picture. In this case the open button remains disabled.

Why the thumbnailer is failing i have no idea. It is created from the gnome-desktop package library called libgnome-desktop-3-20. Needs more investigation

The issue for the wallpaper issue is due to additional security in 24.04 via apparmor

I’ve made a suggestion there but need those who know better how to fix this in apparmor

Any update on the ISO issues

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Archive maintainers are hoping their activities will complete by close of tomorrow (friday)

Iso maintainers are battling with how sources are used to install things. Again maybe tomorrow.

Beta has been delayed from today and moved to next week thursday.

So isos have to pop out of the sausage factory by at least monday otherwise beta timelines will be in trouble again.

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Ok. This will be fixed by apparmor changes but no timeframe.

The workaround is to use nemo, right click and choose the set as background menu option. We’ll need to add that to the release notes.

Ubuntu Budgie 24.04 (Noble Numbat) Daily Build … First daily for 6 weeks. Go forth, download and install!

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I installed in VBox.

You can’t install mysql-server-8.0, there is a dependency problem.
Depends: libaio1 (>=03.93) but is not installable

In a terminal, if you execute
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface color-light

It works. But is does not persist after a logout/in.
No difference with using gthe dconf-editor

for the light/dark theme you need to set these keys



For libaio1 - yeah the archive maintainers have finished cleaning up time_t issues for a flavour seeded packages. Next (this week) they are going to be cleaning non-seeded packages such as mysql-server

Hahaha, yes, I remember this from an earlier comment in this thread. But, did not write it All down.

thanks! Everything working now.
Just a question more about

  • default wallpaper
  • menu applet icon
  • budgie icons shown in the menu popup and budgie control center - about

actually about default wallpaper only: my default wallpaper (on liveCD and on installed system, /usr/share/backgrounds/budgie/budgie-codename.png) shows a crown in its middle while I was expecting to see a budgie as in app menu icon; is my fault (I mean, am I wrong expecting a budgie as in boot with "quiet splash "in grub.cfg) or there must be such wallpaper?


So the “codename” for this cycle is noble numbat … the crown logo is from the Canonical artwork team and is the official mascot for this release. Hence why we have our default wallpaper with noble mascot image.