Add to the 19.10 based release

Hi there !

i have a feature request to add to the previewed switcher options so i don’t have to manually add the keybinding to the keyboard bindings.

Hi and welcome.

19.10 is in feature freeze - so only bug fixes are being concentrated on for the 3 weeks left before 19.10 release.

ok, thanks for incorporating nopreviews in 20.04 ;]

please can you post a request here

as always - any offers of help will be warmly received!

yeah i know, offers of help, can’t help you with that, can only offer my free irc/xmpp bot on . thnx for making budgie, appreciate it !

BTW, please try out the new previews that comes with 19:10. If responsiveness is your issue, the new previews should not be any slower than nopreviews. In fact, new previews is much more responsive than the python script of nopreviews (just tested).

Erm, the nopreviews makes switching windows without having icons switching over the screen possible. This way i can switch windows more easily (it’s like how switching windows used to work, direct window to window alt-tab switching