Any place I can host my stuff for free?

I am a freelance or lightworker I guess you can call me. I do alot of educational stuff, I build webpages
for education/learning purposes, I have a few of them. I do have some BOTs, like a Discord bot that needs hosting, I also can share my .PDFs that I write with the basis knowledge on my engineering, technitian and IT specialist skills, also I want to host collagues of pictures etc.
Does anyone offer a server that can host just a reasonable space and not even domain name really required althou it would be nice that I can use and I pay by giving back free stuff to a free community?
Please respond and we can have an email chat or even a skype chat about it! That would be so enourmously helpfull for me, and others :slight_smile:

I would go for a paid for solution - you get security built in and would be scalable thus future proof.

Any free solution would not have any security - and you could lose your stuff in an instant.

One of our sponsors, Digital Ocean, offers a $5 per month solution for its basic package - so it doesn’t break the bank.

Heroku has a generous free tier, they’ve been hosting Rails and Node longer than pretty much everyone, have only had great success with them.
Both AWS and GCP also have pretty generous & free general purpose tiers too, though both can also become really expensive by accident (had a $2k mistake a few years ago hosting a small application on EC2…be careful :grimacing:)

+1 for Digital Ocean

a little jekyll + github pages seems perfect for this