Any way to get Tilix 1.8?

So I’m starting to use Tilix as a terminal, but for some reason Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab doesn’t work to switch between tabs.

I asked in the official Tilix github page and the owner said its fixed in 1.8.3, but from what I am seeing the latest version is 1.7.7 on Ubuntu. Is there any way to get the latest version such as from a different repository?

Webupd8 maintain an unofficial PPA with the latest

From my point of view I would like to explore a snap version of tilix. Just need to find some time to do this. That will have to wait until after 18.10 release.

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I wonder if anyone is working on a snap of this. hmmm. Maybe I will do so (depending on how complex the build is).

@fossfreedom, We can discuss offline. The build itself is pretty easy. It would likely be the GTK dependencies that would require a little work (package size, system vs snap, etc).

Yep. We can use the debian/control file for tilix debian package as an example for how to build. The debian/rules look very simple so the snap should just be a “snap” to create… famous last words…

Exactly!!! Haha. But I think we can get it done. If I can get it done right, I would work with the author to see if he will take over the maintenance of the package. But I can wire it into the build service I think (hope).

Famous last words…so applicable in computing… (puts a life jacket on)…