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Anyone Use overGrive?


As asked in the title, anyone use overGrive? How well does it work/integrate with the Budgie desktop?Any other impressions, warnings, caveats, etc.?


Looks interesting. Have not tried it though. I have been using insynchq. Going to check this out!


Felt in love with this recently !


And for people who need 250 gig free on the cloud, encrypted

Need to specify that : no internet access, you don’t have access to your Data… They will change that in the future


I just wish they supported encryption. Haha.


Is overGrive being maintained? I don’t think any of these Google Drive clients for Linux are up to date. All the ones I have tried are really slow, as in taking a minute or more to index and display Google Drive contents. I use DropBox for syncing.

I wish someone could get the Google Drive and Photos official sync client working on Wine. I actually reached out to the CrossOver folks who got Office working on Wine and they said they aren’t going to work on that sync client, unfortunately…

All I want with Google Drive is something that will (quickly) mount the Google Drive, like the Chrome OS File Manager does, not actually sync files. Sadly, that doesn’t exist yet…


I have used Insync for years and love it. It is constantly maintained with frequent updates, and I have never had a issue. Yes, it is a one-time fee of $30 but you can try it free for 15 days. It is worth it.


I use insynchq too, works really well.