AppIndicator Applet some application icons are incorrect


Why some indicators in the tray does not have original app’s icon?


the appindicator software backend simply passes the icon sent to it via the application to the applet.

So whatever that application is, it is sending the wrong icon / no valid icon to the applet.

Thank you. My only finding is that the app in question is installed through flatpak others are not. The tray icon works fine in KDE Plasma but not on Budgie or GNOME. I wonder why. I’m not familiar with theming, any guess?

make sure you are comparing like for like. The appindicator applet shows appindicators.

KDE maybe displaying SNI indicators - similar - but not identical.

Also you maybe comparing system tray icons - so embedded icons.

Thanks, I have zero knowledge on how icons are shown irrespective of the desktop environment. It’s not tray icon. May be the problem is only with this application. Another flatpak is working fine (Bitwarden). Thanks for your time. I’ll try to figure out why for this app.

Could be the icon theme you are using does not have a icon for that app for the panel, try another icon theme.