Battery charging flips between charging/not charging

I have an ASUS Zenbook Pro 15 and while charging my laptop, it will charge for about 10 seconds, then stop for 10 seconds, then repeat. I only noticed it when my battery was low enough to warn me. The low battery warning pops up every 10 seconds until the battery is charged enough to not warn me anymore.

This isn’t a critical issue because the battery still charges, but it’s an annoyance to be warned about a low battery when it’s plugged in. This issue doesn’t happen on windows. Is anyone aware of any fixes for it? I have a feeling that it’s caused by ASUS’ battery life software. On Windows, there is built-in software from ASUS that allows you to set the maximum charge for the battery to prolong its life.

I would post this question on & since it will readily answerable by the wider community… i.e. it isn’t specific to one flavour.