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Black screen on start


I’m new here! But i’m not new in linux world. I installed Ubuntu Budgie 18.10 tow days ago and i’m having some problems. It is very nice, and runs well, but some times has problems to start. After grub, comes to a black screen (without brightness, screen absolutely off), and doesn’t start. I must force reboot and try again for three, four, five times… and then it works.

I’ve tried to apply the typical solutions with ubuntu, but didn’t work. I think it could be a problem with the APU AMD. I read something about problems with drivers.

I’ve an A9-9240 R5 AMD processor. Somebody knows something about this problem.

Thank you. And sorry for mi poor English.


Are you connecting to an external monitor?

If yes are you using dvi or hdmi to connect? Do you have a vga output … maybe try that?


No, it is a notebook, and happens with the notebook screen.

I’ve seen that i can start in “nomodeset”, but no display configuration is enable when it starts (brightness… Etc.)

Some idea?


hmm - if this is a driver issue there isn’t much we can do - a bug report should be sent to Canonical devs for their attention

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You could always help test the latest upstream graphical drivers


If they work for you please add that to your bug report.

If they dont help then you can ppa-purge the PPA to go back to the stock drivers.