Brand New Budgie DREAM MACHINE?


I’m a Linux dabbler at best. If I had my way slick solid Linux distros would ship on inexpensive hardware, skipping the annoying dual boot world… or avoiding the pay for Windows world. So I keep my eyes open for hardware that is inexpensive enough you could live with ignoring or erasing the Win 10 you paid for and installing Budgie instead.

Samsung just released an interesting candidate for such a venture. 13 inch 1080p screen, 4GBS of RAM (which is anemic for Windows but generous for the Budge), 64gbs of storage for $349 or less.)

I know the entire thing of Linux is sometimes ‘resurrect old hardware’ but really I kind of prefer brand new. Lon Seidman (who isn’t for sale) actually recommended this item and did an Ubuntu install too –

In case this helps someone.