Brave Browser not shown in Default browser list

Runing 20.04. Installed Brave browser, rebooted and the option for Brave does not show in the default browser dropdown. It does show up in Symantic as being installed.

Something like this? configuration - How to set the Default Browser from the Command Line? - Ask Ubuntu

I’ve done a fresh install of 20.04.5 and installed brave from the welcome browser ballot (deb not snap)

In Settings I see the following in the web dropdown:

I can confirm the observation of both firefox and brave being in the photo drop-down - makes sense since the browsers can be used to view images.

Interesting. I installed Brave .deb from the Brave web site. I also installed Chrome from a .deb file. Chrome showed up in the drop-down but not Brave – until I went into Brave and used it to set it as the default browser. Then all three showed up. Note that with 22.04 everything works as expected. Oh well not a big issue.