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Budgie vs Mint, your opinion?


You can change the width with:

sudo gedit ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css

and add:

scrollbar slider {
min-width: 20px; # size of the slider
min-height: 20px;
border-radius: 22px;
border: 5px solid transparent; # padding around the slider


Using U-Budgie for some months now, quite pleasant. Coming from Unity - full love on it, personally - I feel almost as comfortable with Budgie as I was with Unity. I assume you won’t like « my » Budgie layout, lol.

Almost : like in most DE, I miss a place where recently used files AND app’s are shown with same importance, at one click or keystroke reach.

I’ve tried Cinnamon ( under Ubuntu, not Mint ) a few weeks and it did not « catch » me : nothing’s wrong but also nothing « special ». But it may be its strength for some reason.


You could use an appindicator solution such as this to display recently used files


Oh… I remember now why Vlijm is not an unknown name for me :wink: I tried / used many of his scripts for Unity…
So AppIndicators work in Budgie ? Interesting… thanks !


The linked answer should work without an issue (just tried). It also mentions this one: https://askubuntu.com/questions/850930/is-there-a-places-menu-for-ubuntu-unity/851148#851148, which has two issues: the icon is huge and Nautilus connect to network has changed, which makes the indicator crash on modern versions of nautilus. I’ll see if I can knock up an applet from (modernized code of) the indicator, but working on another applet atm.


Ah… the .png needs to be 22px as per the indicator spec … or a .svg


Exactly, and is gone (I believe it was that one). choosing it makes the indicator crash. Just need to remove it form the menu, the options and the corresponding functions.


One of the thing I always found weird is Cinnamon itself on how little it was extensible and how there weren’t many addons for it. Aside from that I’m not really a fan of their security system and update process to new releases.


Aren’t there quite a few Cinnamon Spices add-ons? I remember when I was trying it I had a number of Weather apps, menu extension, etc working with it…


I have used Mint before in the past, Cinnamon, and Cinnamon always seem to crash on me. I had finally had enough and moved on. I have never had the Budgie desktop crash on me…and couldn’t be more happy.


I had Ubuntu Budgie installed then I started trying them all out. I came back to Ubuntu Budgie after Mint 19 (Tara) took 2 1/2 minutes to boot. I even adjusted the boot time and turned off a few of the start up items. (Budgie takes less than a minute to boot - very pleased about that)
Kubuntu kept losing the formatting I set it to, and after a year, I’m just bored with XFCE and Ubuntu proper. The new Lubuntu 18.10 looks interesting, but I understand they are still mid process of porting over to LxQt

Ubuntu Budgie for me - thanks FossFreedom:)



a couple of pictures that may interest you from the genius mind of team member Jacob



TO DO: Needs packaging, testing and adding to budgie-welcome for easy install


Terrific! That’ll come in very handy…


Cinnamon has more of everything. It is a more rounded desktop, and feels closer to win and osx compared with Budgie. But Cinnamon gets slow pretty soon. Feels like an old machine, and in my case, have problems with reboot, halt, and other things (maybe this is related with Mint. I don’t know). Budgie is more simpler, but fast. It is beautiful. Almost everything I need is in there, and it will get better and better from now on. For me Budgie would be better than Cinnamon if the multi screen compatibility gets more solid than now, the corners usage, and the workspaces selection, preview, etc… Otherwise I’m very happy with Budgie. And will change my mint machine (an old iMac) with Budgie like I did with this machine (a PC).

Oh! I also love the background image. Great stuff!


Could you give some more detailed feedback on the corners usage?


Sure. What I’ve tried for the corners is the applet Hot corners. I don’t know if there is another way to set up the corner functionality or this is the only one. And here comes the problem. It doesn’t matter if I tell the applet to use the left or the right side, it uses the whole up section, or the whole down section of the screen. Which means, if I try to open a program from it’s icon in the dock (down-center in my case), the “show desktop” functionality appears… That’s my main problem. And a second one is that I use the corners in Cinnamon mainly for a preview of the workspaces, and to switch spaces “visually”. But that’s only an issue for my personal needs, not necessary for other people.


Could you try to rephrase a bit? I don’t understand what you are saying. The hotcorners applet sets actions on entering the corners. Either prefab ones or custom commands.Not sure where that is not working.


@nanoak, I have two questions:

  1. I have some of the same Hot Corners problems you do. Are you on multi-monitors as I am? I think that’s a big part of it, since those aren’t a problem when I just use Hot Corners on my laptop screen…

  2. For a preview of running apps, I like having a hot corner to activate Skippy-XD. That gives you some of that Cinnamon functionality back.

In my view, many of these DE’s are really converging towards each other. They’re built on much the same parts and have many of the same features, it’s just implementation and speed that separate their usability. I think UB works best “out of the box” of all the DE’s right now, but we’re approaching “tyranny of small differences” territory :slight_smile:.


@vlijm Sorry for my poor English. I’ll try to explain the issue again.

The program is supposed to give you a certain functionality when you hit the corners with the pointer. Show desktop, show open windows, etc… and that’s what I expect. But, if I set for example the show desktop to the top right, it doesn’t trigger the show desktop thing only if I hit the top right. Triggers the show desktop all over the top line. top right, top left, top center… same for the bottom right and left.

I’m working on multi screen with 3 monitors, and I’m sure it is related with that. I can live without the corners app for sure , but it would be great if that would be fixed.

I hope is clear now. If not I’ll search an English translator!


@Iiari didn’t know about the Skippy-XD! Can you tell me how it works?