Cannot add East Asian Language Support

I’m wondering if somebody could help me figure out an effective way to add support for East Asian languages in my new Ubuntu Budgie installation.

I’ve been able to add support for European languages (English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish) without any problem at all using “Keyboard” in the Budgie Control Center.

However, when adding East Asian languages using the same system, strange things happen. The Korean option results in English text and no Hangul, which is quite frustrating. The Japanese options do not include a Romanji-based keyboard. Chinese is similar to Korean - only an English based keyboard that appears no different from the default keyboard layout.

I’ve done a bit of research, and see that some recommend fcitx5 as an alternative to Ibus for East Asian language support. I attempted to install fcitx5 and its related components through the software center; however, it is not clear how to use the software to actually write in the languages I’ve chosen.

I haven’t even begun touching Rime and the various Chinese input issues, which will eventually come up as I get back to studying Chinese dialects (Cantonese and Taiwanese Hokkien, for starters). I did play around with Rime and Ibus a bit in a Linux VM before switching over; the general lack of clear and user-friendly support for these languages was what made me hesitant to switch operating systems in the first place.

Does anybody know of a solution? From what I’ve read, it seems that Ubuntu 22 removed Japanese Mozc, which is a shame - that would have likely solved my Japanese option. Aside from that, I’m so perplexed by this problem that I’m not sure what to do, aside from installing a Windows VM specifically for language study. I’d rather not, of course - and the fact that European languages work so effortlessly in Budgie Control Center makes me wonder if I’m missing something.

EDIT: Just wanted to add that modern Greek and modern Hebrew work perfectly fine out of the box as well. It’s only with Korean, Japanese, and the Chinese variants. Vietnamese also works, though the keyboard layout is kind of funky. It’s only Korean, Japanese, and Chinese that are giving me huge headaches and causing me to spend hours searching in vain for a solution.

For Chinese

in a terminal I installed ibus-pinyin

Logout and login

Then open budgie control center - keyboard - click - Input Source - click + - … and choose Other - Chinese (Intelligent Pinyin)

Logout and login

Switch between english and chinese via Super + Space

For Japanese - Use the Menu - Install Language Support and install Japanese

Then use Budgie Control Center - Keyboard - Input Sources - + - Install Japanese (Mozc)

Then Open Budgie Desktop Settings - Panel - add the system tray to your panel

Logout and login

From Menu - Ibus Preferences - Input Method - choose ensure the icon in tray option is chosen to display the ibus icon in your system tray. Add Japanese (Kana)

Switch to Japanese via Super + Space

You can use the ibus icon - Input Mode to choose between different Japanese variants