Can't get UB to boot

First, I’m surprised that you don’t have a support category.

I’ve been trying to install UB for hours. When it gets to the desktop, the only things that appear are the wifi logo, the keyboard settings logo, and the volume logo. Nothing else loads. I have downloaded and redownloaded the iso several times, I have tried both the 19.10 and 20.04 releases and got the same results. I tried three different methods ofr writting ios to a thumb drive. I even tried Ubuntu Mate 20.04. UM did not have any problem booting.

I’m using a Dell Latitude D630. I have never had any problem installing a distro until now.

Any ideas?

If that’s the intel graphics Intel GMA X3100 version I believe that only supports a really old version of opengl v1.4.

As far as I can gather the window manager called mutter only supports v2.1 and later.

So I am afraid you are out if luck with that piece of kit.

No, it has a NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M graphics chip. I run Solus Budgie on the same laptop without any problem.

Is this an EFI capable laptop? - when booting you should choose the safe graphics option and install.

If its a legacy BIOS boot - press escape on the purple splash screen and select nomodeset from the boot options.

In either case - once you get to the installer choose the WIFI/proprietary drives checkbox and this will install the nvidia driver (hopefully if your chip is still supported) during the install.

I’m pretty sure that the laptop is pre-EFI. I’ll try that Like I say Ubuntu Mate booted into the live session without issue.

Got it working. Thanks.