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Casper.conf overwiting?


Hi all,

always fighting with (against?) our university live customization.

Everything works well: mounting iso on folder, expanding squashfs, chrooting, customizing, exiting from chroot and re-compressing squashfs, doing what is needed and finally creating iso, but … no way to have customized hostname and username.
And I’ve noticed just now (late, I know) that in casper.conf file username is ubuntu and so is hostname; changing them to somewhere else doesn’t work: at first run hostname and username are always ubuntu-budgie and ubuntu-budgie.
Since this happens in budgie only (in “standard” ubuntu as in other ubuntu flavours changing username/hostname in casper.conf works) I’m obligated to think that somewhere there’s something that overrides casper.conf settings.

Does someone knows where this overriding happens? I’ve also tried to do a grep -i -r search but it didn’ give expected results.

Thank you,