Cedilha (cedilla) not working

Hi, any managed to have cedilla working with language PT for english int. alt keyboard?

Hello there!
Have you ensured proper keyboard configuration during installation? It’s worth examining the settings to verify the language accuracy. Moreover, it’s possible that your “English Alt” keyboard layout might not be compatible. Consider consulting your computer’s manual for additional guidance.

Update: I’ve come to realize that you can incorporate two keyboard layouts (English Alt and Portuguese Brazilian, in this instance). To make this adjustment, head to the “Control Center” settings.

Hi, yes all set…the problem is:
I can type with a brazilian keyboard, ex: ç

but when I use composed keys for cedilha in english keyboard accute + c ( '+c) it goes like 'c

It’s not really a ‘problem,’ but rather a keyboard layout issue. When typing in the English keyboard layout, it’s recognized as if you’re using a Portuguese computer keyboard with a different layout. This is why the cedilla is mistyped when using the PT keyboard. My recommendation is to always use the PT layout, especially if you’re unable to use the cedilla with the EN layout.

You could try to use a remapping software like KMonad or the likes

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