Clockworks Applet - not possible to have time zones more than 12 hours behind me

i am trying to juse the clockworks applet to easily see the current time in various places where i have colleagues. but it is impossible to set the time zone to anything further back than 12 hours. i’m in new zealand, so currently 12 hours ahead of europe - and 13 hours ahead of portugal & uk; 17 hours ahead of eastern usa; 20 hours ahead of western usa …
it’s also only possible to go 14 hours ahead, so this applet would also be problematic for those in western usa trying to use it for time zones in australasia.
i can’t find any other settings, beyond the arrows below each clock to set it further ahead or behind. am i missing something?

Seems back/forward covers more that 24 hrs, so you can set the right time anyway, or am I missing something/white spot in my mind?

i am only able to go to minus 12 hours or plus 14 hours, & can’t find any settings to change this.

@helenvarley I extended the range for timeshift to -24hrs to +24hrs (and fixed a bug I ran into). It will take a while though to have the fix available in the repo’s (next sru).
Thanks for pointing out!


Please can you file a bug report on launchpad so that we can prepare for a stable-release-update for Jammy and Kinetic to resolve this.

ubuntu-bug budgie-clockworks-applet

Once done I will then ping you with instructions how to test Jacobs fixes before we get to the SRU stage.

thank you! i look forward to the update :grinning: