Desktop Freezing when running Audacious

Hey there,

whenever I want to play some music files with Audacious (adding them via Nemo via right click => play in Audacious) there is a lag of about 5-10 seconds where the desktop isn’t responding at all. After this few seconds the notification of the played song appear and the desktop is responsible again.

IS this a Audiacious issue?

Thx for a short reply!


If you turn off notifications in audacious do you have the issue?

I think I remember seeing an issue raised about desktop freezing with notifications on the upstream tracker - no progress movement on the issue.


Thx you. I disabled the notifications in Audacious and the lagging/freezing disappeared.

Greets mike175de

FYI - this was the issue upstream - it equally applies to any MPRIS enabled client such as Audacious

Ah, thx.

Not a specific UbuntuBudgie problem but an Budgie problem at all ;o)

Greets, mike175de

I accidentally took a laptop on the coach with me for 3 hours, one with ‘an ubuntu’ on it, got the music out, sadly, forgot to sudo apt purge rhythmb* and install deadbeef, so had to waste laptop and phone battery getting internet hotspot phone turned on to allow installation of chrome to allow dl of deadbeef.
Thereafter could listen to what I wanted without a ‘music player’ messing up it’s ONE JOB by trying to be a notifying and playlist building crumpet.

Uninstall Audacious, or never start it. Both solutions work for me.