DevilsPie2 Alternative for Budgie?

Hi there, I’m a newcomer to Ubuntu Budige (but a longtime Ubuntu user).

I have a few Lua scripts that run with DevilsPie2 to manage startup routines, GUI behavior, etc. But DevilsPie2 is for Gnome. Is there anything similar?

Budgie heavily uses GNOME libraries - so I’m a little surprised devilspie doesnt work.

Have you tried it with budgie? Any error messages when running under budgie?

@fossfreedom thanks and sorry for the hasty post - I didn’t realize that Budgie was based so much on GNOME.

The DevilsPie2 scripts do work just fine. When I was working on setting up the new environment (crontab, $PATH, etc) I had introduced a couple silly errors that made it look like nothing was working.