Don't manage to edit menu (with menulibre)

Hi everyone, here’s my problem I wanted to edit the rubrics in the menu to make them fit with my wishes so I use menulibre. I’ve already fixed a thing which made menulibre impossible to start on 19.04 thanks to a topic in here but as the title says I don’t manage to edit the rubrics of anything else.
When I make changes in menulibre and I try to save them it seems like it don’t applies changes on the menu or by half.

Where is a screenshot of what looks like the configuration (saved) in menulibre in front of the menu.
You can see that there’s some inconsistencies between them, for exemple in the menu theres two “Accessoires” whiles there’s only one of it on menulibre and the most weird thing is that in the “Applications web” at the bottom of the menu there’s a launcher I added but after a relaunch of menulibre “Applications web” is empty in it… It’s like two configuration files of the menu are in conflict.
I am doing wrong or shouldn’t I use menulibre ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.