File Manager doesnt send files to pen drive

So I was trying to send a movie to my pen drive, this isn’t the first time it happens, the file manager goes and goes and so it stops in the 99% and stuck there.

It’s a long date bug, can someone help me or fix it?

Does the problem also occur with Nautilus?
Also are you using my theme? :stuck_out_tongue: Materiav2 - my epic theme it looks like dark-fluent

I don’t know what that means - can you link me the issue upstream you are referring to?

Please can you download the 20.04 daily ISO - write it to a USB stick and boot into the live-session.

Can you reproduce the issue with the new version of the File-Manager available on 20.04?

It seens to be gone in the 20.04. By “It’s a long date bug” I was talking about transferring files delaying or stucking. I witnessed this a few times but don’t have more screenshots, also now I’m on 20.04 so…