File search results in Application Launcher/Menu

Hi there,
It’d be great to have one central place where we can get search results for everything.
Currently Application Launcher/Menu shows search results like Calendar entries and Characters(?!). Having Catfish or Nemo search results in the Application Launcher/Menu however, would make workflow much faster.
Currently you have to press Super, search for Catfish or Files, open it, then search again for the file (and perhaps also change the search location).
On Mac we use Spotlight (command + space), on Windows it’s the search tab thingy on the start menu (Windows key). Maybe one day we could even have web search results or simply favourites from browser like Windows/OsX, but that’s way ahead… Being able to just get local file search results by simply pressing one key on the keyboard would be so, so handy!

Apps like ulauncher and Albert really cover that territory well.

Ulauncher is a beauty.
Not as powerful as Synapse (but alas this latter doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore), but I prefer it over any DE-specific launcher (the dash in Unity, the Shell or app overview in Gnome, or App Menu in Budgie).

Just to make clear - it has been a plan for a long time to replace the ALT+F2 dialog with ulauncher.

Unfortunately I’ve so far been unable to create a suitable deb package directly from the upstream source to upload to debian and ubuntu. More than happy for someone to give this a try themselves!

If a package can be produced - the replacement of ALT+F2 would just be a small tweak and tuck to budgie-desktop which is easily done.