[fixed] Tandem window raise/lower bug - could use some support on launchpad to get it fixed for 18.04

Hi folks,
A feature was introduced into mutter a while ago where half-screen snapped windows would get grouped together by default (with no way to turn it off) - breaking some very common workflows.
Here’s a demo: (click if the video isn’t displaying for you:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ciLFcPFQuOJLJCjk4xwRf08eWkrxLyeY )

A bug has been raised with gnome, and the patch introducing this feature has been reverted but it has not made it’s way into ubuntu for 18.04 yet - I’ve raised a launchpad bug requesting they consider it and would appreciate any support there if you would like to see this reverted for the 18.04 release.

Launchpad Request:


I don’t know if it’s coincidence, but shortly after posting it got marked as fix-released. Update is coming from debian tomorrow in mutter 3.28.0-1 :smiley:

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mutter 3.28.0-1 has made it’s way into the release pocket of 18.04 today (14th Mar) - just update as normal.