Found an old screenshot from the old ubuntu days

Found this old screenshot when I was using Ubuntu 4.10 beta. My desktop setup was a complete disaster. Things all over the place. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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Wow, there is a lot going on there. I grit my teeth when my family leave screenshots and folder all over the desktop but this is just another level. How much of that is conky vs desktop art? Is that an mp3 player in the bottom left corner?

Ubuntu 4.10 beta – just before Oct, 2004; had Canonical adopted the current numbering system at that point?

I was in my late teen at the time. I ran Cedega for windows games and played music with xmms and mplayer for videos. I started out with Mandrake back in 1999.

Not « so » old ones, 2012 :

…too bad I can’t find older pictures.

An outsider :

↑ this is winXP

Nice. You used Stardocks product for Windows XP? On the ubuntu desktop I guess Beryl/Emerald?


XP → it was RocketDock + KkMenu + CrystalClear theming ( with a patched uxtheme.dll ).

First Ubuntu picture is Cairo-Dock-Session - at a time it worked rather well ( dead now ) on 12.04.
Cairo Dock alone is still usable today I think.

Second is Avant Window Navigator ( AWN dock ) on 10.04.

Third is KDE on the same 10.04.

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