Full support for Pop! OS

I’ve noticed that as of the latest Pop! OS, Ubuntu Budgie seems to have a conflict. Notably, it requires gnome-software to be installed, but Pop! OS is very insistent that it doesn’t want that on the computer as it messes with the Pop! Shop and some of the built in updater functions. Is there any way to get Budgie working without making the Pop! Shop stop working?

I am afraid not. We had to make gnome-software a dependency so that it wouldn’t be ‘upgraded’ to a snap … a late change made by Canonical forced snap installations where gnome-software was a recommendation.

Note. We cannot support downstreams such as popos and linux mint simply because these make changes to the underlying ubuntu and debian packages that we have not tested.

What you have described is exactly that, making popos restricted to only their software rather than making stuff compatible with its immediate upstream.

Ahh I see, that’s a shame- Pop! OS and Budgie was the perfect combo for me for some time. I’ll try reaching out to System76 but it sounds like this may be a closed case ^^; I appreciate your help!

Just to make clear. We are talking about support here

You can always just install the vanilla budgie-desktop package … you will have to configure everything yourself though afterwards.

Well, you may still enjoy both worlds through multi-boot.

Let’s say you have 3 partitions. 2 little and 1 big.

On the big one you have a folder /$USER where you store your Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc

On each little one you have the full / root system of each distro.

Ensure in each distro to mount the big partition at boot in /media/some_folder

Then in the /home/$USER of each distro, you replace the ( empty ) folders Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc by symlinks of same name targeting the /$USER folders on the big partition.

This way you have :
⋅ 2 systems running independently of each others,
⋅ sharing only the personal documents you chose to put in /$USER

Oh wait, looks like Budgie-desktop works perfectly! I didn’t even have to do anything to it it seems. Thank you guys for the help!

I’m confused about the OP. Isn’t your popos on a different partition from budgie?
I have several OS’s each on different partitions. Their unknown to each other.
What I install on one system doesn’t influence any other system.

My guess…

@Casuallynoted has only got PopOs installed on his machine. And he just installed the budgie-desktop package in it, as another DE. Then he’s able to switch DE on login-session screen.

That may work - just beware there might be some configuration mismatch between the two DE if they use some common config’ files.

To avoid these, you may dedicate one user for each DE.

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