Getting rid of gnome metapackages installed as deps for Pomodoro

Hey. As was chatting today in Ubuntu Budgie IRC got myself a new additional DE unexpectedly. After a short discussion realized it should be connected to Pomodoro from the app store gnome-shell-pomodoro.

When I decide to remove it and opt for the UB Extras equivalent, which of those deps are safe to remove if they will be left by gnome-shell-pomodoro?

Depends: gnome-shell (>= 3.15), gnome-shell-pomodoro-data (>= 0.18.0-0.1), libc6 (>= 2.29), libcairo2 (>= 1.10.0), libcanberra0 (>= 0.30), libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.55.1), libgom-1.0-0 (>= 0.3.2), libgstreamer1.0-0 (>= 1.2.0), libgtk-3-0 (>= 3.20.0), libpeas-1.0-0 (>= 1.5.0)

Was nervous removing stuff. But by removing gnome-shell and a bit of packages associated with gnome-shell-pomodoro got the state before installing restored.

For anybody in need of pomodoro timer use Take a Break applet from Budgie extras.

Having Gnome shell on your system just hanging around might cause screen not locking after when the lid is closed. That is probably due to Gnome session settings using the same settings app and possibly chaning something in the configs, after which settings in budgie don’t reflect that change.