Graphical boot loader for dual boot Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu Budgie Desktop 18.04.1

¡¡…Good Day, Esteemed…!!
Several years ago, I have tried linux, from the connective linux made in Brazil, where there was very little graphical interface, I also have tried several distributions, but it is a matter of personal taste, I prefer this distribution that is derived from Ubuntu. Linux Ubuntu Budgie Desktop 18.04.1

It has a very nice and aesthetic interface, my big problem that I have installed Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu Desktop Budgie 18.04.1, but I do not like the text mode bootmanager that is the Grub.

I have seen that this boot manager is Burg, which is graphical mode, but I have tried vainly to install it and I can not. ![:disappointed_relieved:]

I have visited several pages and all are unanimous in using these commands in a terminal, to install Burg but I get an error in some packages and it always tells me that it could not find the Burg package to install it.

I use these commands.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: n-muench / burg
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install burg burg-themes

I guess it’s for versions prior to Linux 18.04.

Please if someone can guide me how to install Burg on Linux Ubuntu Budgie Destop 18.04.1 or some other boot graphical manager, showing the icons of the operating systems and giving the possibility with a simple click of the mouse to select.

¡¡…Greetings and already thank you very much…!!

The maintainer of that ppa has not produced a build for 18.04

The burg software has not been maintained for many years now. So it isn’t really recommended to use it.

If you are using a dual boot I would suggest setting the grub timeout value to 1 second so that grub only appears for 1 second during the boot.