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Has Ubuntu budgie 18.11 fixed these two bugs?


Does Ubuntu Budgie 18.11 fix the ‘auto/intelligent panel not popping up when it should if the panel is along the bottom of the screen’ bug?

Or the bug where the ordering of applets in the panel get messed up after every reboot?

These would be my two main reasons to upgrade so I’m curious to know if they are fixed in the new release.


you mean 18.10 :slight_smile:

I believe the auto popup issue is still an issue on the upstream tracker.

The usual fix for the ordering issue is to reset your panel - before recustomising it again - resetting should fix this quirk

nohup budgie-panel --reset --replace &


Thanks I’ll try out that command and see if it fixes it. Thanks for all your work on UB btw, its my daily OS on both my laptop and desktop :slight_smile: