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Hello I want to help ubuntu budgie with 18.10 testing ;)


I would consider a Clonezilla the default standard. That’s definitely the way I would go if I wanted a full disk image.


If you were looking just for a backup program, but not disk Imaging… I use one called Restic. In fact I maintain the snap package for it. It doesn’t have a GUI, but it is super powerful. And also supports encryption when you place things in a public Cloud. But you can also do local backups as well. It’s very very versatile.


Ah okay. Well, when I want to install 18.10 for testing and do backups regularly it would make sense to use clonezilla I guess?

Restic? It’s quite new for me because I’ve never heard it before :slight_smile: But I can try to get convenient with it. If I have some questions, it’ll be the best to ask you directly?


@fossfreedom ah I’m sry - yes it started with 18.04 - and it will go one on further versions;) thx for explaining it.


Well Clonezilla requires you to boot off of a live usb,.and then clone the drive. It does a full bit for bit copy of your hard drive. If you just want to backup your data and config, I would use a more traditional backup tool. Can you describe what you are trying to backup? Data,.or.an exact snapshot in time? :slight_smile:


Ah okay I see the point.
Well, I want to start helping with iso 18.10. (solving bugs etc.). Therefore I need to do backups regularly. :slight_smile:


Thx @fossfreedom and @bashfulrobot for your fast answers how I can start helpining on Ubuntu Budgie;)

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hello, just installed Ubuntu Budgie 18.10 daily (Sept 26th) on an hp comaq 8000 ultra desktop, flawlessly :slight_smile: Works smoothly, but it took some effort to get the screen resolution right. The browser roulette from the start page was great. I’ll work at trying to find something that doesn’t work. I’m always looking up how to enable exfat usb drives,and the dvd player. Off to analyse bugs

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Team Ubuntu Budgie:

I see you have released beta for 18.10 today (Friday) - awesome! I had a daily from wednesday, and installed it on my pal’s unsupported macbook. Looks great, but it seems to be missing the wifi drivers. I’m going to return to re-install the LTS 18.04.1.for my pal.

Does your beta for 18.10 have the wifi software? I might suggest the LTS for my pal only because it’s for his kids to use. LTS for Ubuntu derivatives is only 3 years, not 5, am I correct?


It really depends upon what type of wifi you have. If you have broadcom drivers you might need to activate them via the hardware drivers tab in update-manager.

You might genuinely have found a regression in the 4.18 kernel - this should be reported to launchpad.

All of the Ubuntu flavours have decided to take-up the 3 year LTS. Only Ubuntu itself runs a 5 year LTS. Most people though rarely use the full 3 years - they upgrade from LTS to LTS somewhere between the 2 to 3 year mark.


@fossfreedom I use broadcom drivers - so I have only to acivate them in hardware drivers? It is not necessary to download the drivers?


Correct. Only need to activate them in hardware drivers. Broadcom are not free… so activating then compiles the source automatically and adds to the kernel.

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@fossfreedom thx for the fast answer :slight_smile:


Okay, I’ll attempt to update/check the broadcomm driver, now that you mention it, I can see it, digging through my own install. I bet it’s not a regression, merely an oversight on my part. - thanks David


btw would you recommen installing the beta 18.10 on the normal partition and replacing the version 18.04? Or should I install the beta version on a seperate partition?


From a helping to test point of view I would suggest a separate partition or ideally on a separate piece of hardware. In that way you can safely test and if things doesn’t work out you have a stable fall back.


Okay allright. So, I can work on problems or try to fix them. :wink: That’s true that a stable version is important.


It worked! We plugged the ethernet in and within a few minutes it applied the broadcomm driver, then we were off to the races. Thanks David :blush:

My intro to Linux for my friend

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