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[Help] Can I enable a battery status indicator?


Though ive messed around with it before, im pretty new to linux. Im trying out Ubuntu Budgie using a Live USB and its been running pretty smoothly apart from one thing - Theres no battery status in the top bar. Since Im considering using this as my main OS, this is kind of a dealbreaker for me, is there any way to add one/ fix this? Thanks!


Make sure that the System Tray Applet is in the panel. I have attached a screenshot of my panel settings to better illustrate what I mean.


I have that applet in the panel, but all its doing is adding a wifi status icon


status indicator applet is the correct panel applet to display the battery status/bluetooth etc. Make sure that is on your panel.


Thanks for replying, thats on my panel too, however it only shows volume settings


You must have a very weird battery device - for whatever reason the linux kernel is not seeing it as a battery and as such budgie will only display what the kernel sees.


Thank you for the correction.