Help test budgie-desktop v10.5 for both 18.04 and 18.10

budgie-desktop --versionbudgie-desktop --version

OK, my bad

To allow someone to upgrade from - for example - cosmic to disco, the package version must be “less than” the next distro package version.

So I can’t call the package exactly the same as the disco package version.

Hence why the name is done that way - the string is lexically less than the disco version name.

  • Power and printer notifications are no longer added to Raven notifications

Works on 19.04 but not on 18.10 with test-backports.
After reboot. On two different thinkpads.

yeah - was expecting that. GNOME added the extra bits with GNOME 3.32 for that functionality to work - Solus upstream backported that stuff to their distro. Ubuntu hasn’t.

Drat – just my luck :frowning:

I tested the new PPA on Ubuntu Budgie 18.04.2 – I sudo apt-get updated first, logged out/in, added the new ppa, logged out/in again, did all my testing fairly quickly then purged the ppa, logged out /in AGAIN, just to double check it had reverted

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Running 18.10 on hardware using Budgie 10.5. I Have Icon Task List installed. However, launching Libreoffice and the icon does not show in the top panel. FWIW, works fine on 19.04.


hmm - not sure - cannot reproduce :frowning:


Strange. Your using Libreoffice writer?

Yes. Fresh install and upgraded with the test backport ppa .Just opened writer, calc and impress.

Strange :slight_smile: I will spin up a VM to see if I can figure it out.

OK, steps to reproduce in either 18.04 or 18.10
In a VM, clean install of 18.04/10, updated to current code.
Added test-backports ppa.
Reboot and verify Budgie Desktop is 10.5 release.
Installed Icon Task List in top panel.
Removed all Favorites.
In Icon Task List / Settings, DESELECT Window grouping.
Move Icon Task List to left on panel


Now launch Libreoffice writer from the Plank then close the application – repeat this a second time.
I see that the Libreoffice Icon does not show up in the Icon Task List


thanks. Can now confirm the issue.

It isnt a packaging issue since I compiled the upstream source. So it does appear to be specific to that version of libreoffice.

It doesnt appear to be an issue with grouping - this is enabled by default. And it occurs only after you open/close several times. So I would put this down as an annoyance rather than a showstopper.

Needs debugging in the code to find out what is going on and why.

Did an upgrade on Dell computer from 18.10 to 19.04. Printing still have Raven notifications


using dconf-editor does your spam-apps key look like this?



Just to confirm - a brand new 19.04 install and printer notifications are not stored in raven?

a brand new 19.04 install

An upgrade from 18.10 to 19.04 on laptop.

printer notifications are not stored in raven?

Yes they are.

However, I did not turn off printer notifications.
So, I selected Notifications from the panel and turned off notifications. I then did a restart.
Now printing does not send events to the notifications.