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Help test & fix 19.04 Ubuntu Budgie


Hey thanks for the heads-up!

Apport says ‘xorg-server package not installed’ when trying to do a report. Do I need to report it manually in launchpad? I’m gonna do a clean install soon as I’m updating my SSD, and will try to do a report when it happens again and maybe have some logs to attach. I also noticed that it’s enough to just log out/in to fix the wrong res and load nVidia, no need for full reboot.

One more thing I’ve noticed, there’s LibreOffice Math entry in my Office category menu, even though it’s not installed. Also there’s an empty Science category.


LibreOffice Math is part of the normal default install. If you have done a minimal install you will need to manually hide this shortcut via menulibre.

Not sure about the empty Science category - will need to be investigated.

EDIT: something to-do with the Categories in /usr/share/budgie-desktop/applications/libreoffice-math.desktop

My bad ubuntu-bug xorg


Yes, minimall install, which I’ve accustomed to do since some flavors are so bloated. I’m gonna do the full install next, I think budgie default full app list is nice and the minimal might be even too minimal for my taste :slight_smile:

Will do the xorg report as soon as it fails again, thanks.


thinking about it further - I’m not sure why budgie desktop would display empty menu categories. Sounds like something that should be reported upstream.


an observation: I went to update this Saturday evening, and wasn’t presented with the usual options. Instead I was offered partial upgrade. It went through a longer 4 step process, and I am now running linux kernel 5.0.** ( I think 7?), as well as new python and a few other shiny bits and pieces.


Partial upgrades are due to a component that hasn’t yet migrated from the proposed repo to the release repo.

Usually another update in a few hours will resolve this. You can see what packages are not updating via:

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade

The xorg-issue is now reported, hopefully it’s helpfull.

Very minor weirdness with the latest UB build, gnome-system-monitor icon looks out of place and cannot be changed by switching the icon theme. The icon looks right in the system monitor view and in the ‘about’ page, but in menu and taskbar it’s wrong:


icon should be fixed in last nights moka-icon-theme package update


Okay, thanks! I’m currently on ‘partial upgrade’ phase, so haven’t installed any of the latest updates yet.


I’d like to report the calendar pull down from the top bar/time code actually points to the calendar app! Fixed :slight_smile: Snap apps are slow to open the first time (like Spotify and Instagraph), but are just as fast as apt-installs upon extra launchings. My gnome-app store (the default one?) installed libreoffice from scratch, but took three times to catch/open. LibreOffice Writer looked fine once open.

I would also like to report an empty field in the science category menu.

Latest Krita/VLC both installed smoothly from sudo apt

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Beta has been released - new thread created:


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