Help with error message during source install

I absolutely love Budgie. but,the card reader on my laptop does not work after budgie install. me thinks, ’ no problem.’ what i did is open the terminal. input lshw -c network to list my stuff. i found my card reader listed as un-assigned. I figure, no problem. So, I download the drivers from the developers source code thingy and extract it. the readme showed how to install by the following steps: 1) make. 2) make install.(under root) and 3) depmod. (under root) finally, reboot. so i do what it says, and get an error. sown here:

me- being a novice at this… can’t figure out how to progress beyond the first step of ‘make’. Because of the error, so i can continue with the install of this driver. Any help would be worshiped! Thanks…!
– there is another problem I have with wireless connection at some places. Like school. But, that’s another post if i can’t figure that one out in awhile from now. I have a feeling its a driver thing too. thanks Again.

Hi and welcome.

Compiling out-of-tree drivers is not for the uninitiated. Most source code would have been released some time ago and only compiled against a specific version of the linux kernel. So the source code will need to be reworked to work against the ever changing world of linux kernels.

You’ll also have to take into account the weekly/fortnightly release of kernel updates - you will need to recompile every time a kernel is release … thus you will need to rework to make it a dkms compatible kernel module i.e. dkms is the mechanism to automatically compile out-of-tree drivers when a new kernel is about to be installed.

As to your question - the gcc error at the beginning tells me you haven’t installed any development packages. Use the generic package “build-essential” to get you going with this.

The permission denied errors are probably because you need to be root:

sudo -i

That then leads me to the big caveat - you are compiling as root thus giving the source code complete access to your entire operating system - so if its a malware laden package … oops.

Likewise - if its a poorly coded installation it could corrupt something vital … so be aware.

If it corrupts your kernel - you’ll need to boot with an older kernel to recover (Grub - advanced options).

If all of that hasnt scared you then you are a very brave soul - good luck in your endevours…

Personally I would invest in a well researched linux compatible card-reader that works out of the box.

Ah, Thanks for the information. I will install ‘build essential.’ Then, I’ll have another go at it. I really appreciate the help. Cheers!