How to remove global emoji popup?

Trying to remove the global emoji popup that comes up when you press CTRL + SHIFT + E as it’s killing me in GIMP right now lol.

The keybinding isn’t listed under keyboard shortcuts and no app comes up when I search for emoji.

Found this on the opensuse forum but should work on a gnome based distro such as ours

“The solution I found was much simpler than hunting down compose files : launch IBus Preferences (command ibus-setup), which I don’t recall seeking out on this install.
Then hit the “Emoji” tab, and the Three-dot menu at right of the Keyboard Shortcuts>Emoji choice : you can then choose to Delete the standard CTRL-SHIFT-e shortcut, and replace it with something you prefer -if you really want to”

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Hero! I have to use ctrl + shift + e all the time and that was going to drive me insane haha. Thanks!

Yes, thanks ! Using gimp hours a day it was driving me crazy !

And web-dev might be happy to know that too…