If i accidentally kill tilix and budgie-panel, how do I get the terminal back up without restarting

i did this and had to restart. i couldnt start it in tty either

CTRL + ALT + T will reopen a terminal

nohup budgie-panel --replace &

^^^ use that if you want to restart the panel - it will survive closing the terminal.

tty was the only terminal i could access. would this work there?

No there’s no XServer there.
Why can you not access tilix? Ctrl Alt T opens it
also alt f2 gives you a popup menu of apps, kinda like Rofi Launcher, I don’t think that depends on the panel

accidentally kiiled them both. all keyboard shortcuts stopped woking eexcept to open tty

That’s… strange. You might wanna file a bug with budgie instead, unless this is expected behavior. I don’t think it is.

Only file a bug if its reproducible. Ctrl alt t works here when there is no panel. So I dont know what the OP has done here with their installation.