Installing Window Shuffler on Fedora 34

Need help

I’m using fedora 34

I installed shuffler using:
meson --buildtype plain -Dbuild-all=false -Dbuild-window-shuffler=true --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib

(all dependencies are satisfied)

And rest of the installation process are completed successfully.
And even I can open the window shuffler control box and the shuffler is enabled

But none of the shortcuts work.

Do I need to do any extra steps in installation?

…To locate wher the issue could be: is shuffler here on your system: /usr/lib/budgie-window-shuffler? If so, could you run /usr/lib/budgie-window-shuffler/tile_active 0 0 1 2? it should move the active window to top_half

You will need to also build the budgie-extras-daemon for the shortcuts to work

meson --buildtype plain -Dbuild-all=false -Dbuild-window-shuffler=true -Dbuild-extrasdaemon --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib

Yes the tile_active is working.

now installed budgie-extras-daemon with the option true

But still the shortcut is not
Should I check for anything else?

Do logout and login - on login check that the budgie-extras daemon process is running.

I think the extras daemon is not running

[vrag@fedora ~]$ sudo ps aux | grep budgie
vrag 8130 0.1 0.6 636348 25100 tty3 Sl+ 16:59 0:00 /usr/lib/budgie-window-shuffler/windowshufflerdaemon
vrag 8142 0.1 0.6 562264 23812 tty3 Sl+ 16:59 0:00 /usr/lib/budgie-window-shuffler/layouts_popup
vrag 8153 0.1 0.5 562220 23588 tty3 Sl+ 16:59 0:00 /usr/lib/budgie-window-shuffler/gridwindow
vrag 9571 0.0 0.0 221528 836 pts/0 S+ 17:06 0:00 grep --color=auto budgie

How to make it run?
found in /usr/lib/budgie-extras-daemon should I run this manually, if the what arg must be passed

odd - it will install a budgie-extras-daemon.desktop to your /etc/xdg/autostart folder. Unless fedora does stuff differently - that should be enough to make the daemon run on login.

in fedora the budgie-extras-daemon.desktop is in /etc/xdg/autostart/

after starting it manually the shortcuts work prefectly
Think I need to add an autostart rule to extras-daemon manually in fedora

Thank you so much for the help :v:

The grid shade is not getting adjusted !
Should any extra dependency be installed ?

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Could be theme related. Try different themes like Pocillo or Arc theme.