Issue opening new window


I’m a proud user of Budgie. Yesterday I got a new computer and immediately I put Budgie there.

All the setup went flawless, but after I instaled Dropbox, something strange happens now. When I open a new window in the desktop with the usual command (Ctrl N), this message appears.


I wonder if Dropbox (or maybe I) broke something inside Nautilus that needs to be fixed. I’m not a technical expert, I just know what is Nautilus and I don’t want to do anything before having a better understanding of this message.

Thanks a lot!

Seems to be a know issue with GNOME Shell … and of course budgie

Seems you can’t create a new window directly when the desktop has focus. Only when nautilus has focus.

Please read the bug report for more info.

Thanks a lot!

So I must learn to live with this bug, it seems.

I assume this is a quite innocuous one, but only obnoxious. 8/