Issue switching Nautilus to foreground

I’m not sure if this is an applet issue or Nautilus issue, but when I have Nautilus running and am in another window (can be any application, doesn’t matter), when I want to switch back to Nautilus I click on its icon on the taskbar, but it won’t come to the foreground. To be able to switch to Nautilus I have to Alt-Tab to it. This only happens with Nautilus btw, no other applications exhibit this behaviour.

Has anyone else run into this? Any work-arounds?

There has been a whole host of updates with the icon-tasklist-applet in budgie-desktop v10.5 which will be in 19.04.

I would test out a 19.04 live session ISO to see if it is fixed.

We will be backporting budgie-desktop 10.5 to both 18.10 and 18.04 when it is officially released by upstream.

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Thanks @fossfreedom!