Linux Ubuntu 18.04 will now be supported for ten years

Long-term support releases of Linux Ubuntu used to get support for five years.

That is changing. Ubuntu 18.04 will now be supported for ten years. Other long-term releases might also get an extended support.

Ubuntu’s founder Mark Shuttleworth announced his news at the OpenStack Summit in Berlin, Germany.…

Ubuntu has an extended security maintenance option for its corporate customers. The customers get security fixes for the kernel and essential packages for a few more years even after the end of life of a certain Ubuntu long-term release.

For up now ten years support?

please keep in mind that this only applies to the version that canonical puts out. Not all of the flavors. They each have their own LTS support duration. For example of ours is 3 years.

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My understanding this only applies to the server edition, not the desktop.

EDIT: even if it does apply to both the server and desktop …

Still waiting for canonical to confirm what support means … it could be part paid support - so first 5 years free … next 5 years you need to pay for support.

That’s a great point! I never even thought about the differences between server vs desktop. Plus with their push into IoT. I also wonder if this is related to the core of a snap package moving to core 18.

… maintenance option for its corporate, paying customers only. The customers get security fixes …

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