Little Display BUG in 18.04 (if using 2 screens)

Just reinstalled my Main production PC on 18.04 ( I like to live dangerously)… Though that if it was my production computer, I would be more useful to you ( reporting bugs)

If I use the display tool to change resolution with 2 screen :

  • if I change the 1st screen display, I can’t hit Apply
  • I need to click the 2nd display to click apply…

Most people will normally change the resolutation to be the same on both display, but in case some people want different screen resolution, it could be normal ( if simple to code) that if we change one of the display resolution only, that we don’t have to click the 2nd display to CLICK APPLY

I don’t care if fixed or not but reporting it… As I want to make your project better that Winwos and Mac OS LOL

18.04 is a lot faster on my i7 computer, 8 gig with SSD hard drive…

Please report this bug to launchpad

ubuntu-bug gnome-control-center
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