Minimised windows appear when (fast) switching workspaces


Just trying the Ubuntu Budgie and I must say, I am really impressed!
It feels moderns and responsive. Definitely pleasant experience.

I did notice however that if I switch workspaces very fast (using the shortcut to go to the next workspace) then minimised windows/applications are appearing on the screen.

Is this a known issue?

Yeah, if you pass workspaces, but not if you land on the workspace in question, right? That’s how it works normally.

Actually the window appear even if I do not pass the workspace with it.

hmm… let me explain better:

  1. let’s say I have a Chrome on workspace #1 and I minimise it so lands in plank
  2. I go to workspace #2
  3. switch workspaces
    a. I slowly switch right to workspace #3, #4, etc. -> works as expected
    b. I quickly switch right -> the Chrome window from workspace #1 briefly appear on screen

by fast / slow I basically mean clicking right arrow again before the workspace focus switched fully

…I guess on repeatedly switching workspaces, the combined workspaces (-with all unminimized windows) briefly show as one space. Must be a mutter issue. I noticed before, but never arrived at a conscious level in my mind.