Mount Data of Disk 2

Hi All,

Hi all,

I do have 2 hard-disks in my pc. When i open Nautilus and open for example Pictures i do see the pictures i have located in the same map on disk 1. What i like to do is place my pictures in a map at disk 2. How can i make to open the map Pictures and see those on disk 2 instead of disk 1. I mean directly - not first going to other locations - disk 2 - Pictues, but directly.

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Are your 2 disks mounted by /etc/fstab ?

If yes, you just have to create a “Pictures” folder on disk2 and then create a link in your home that is pointing on this folder:

  • 1st, if you have somme content in it, move/backup your actual “Pictures” folder from your home (so you will be able to move back its content in the new “Pictures” folder pointing on disk2 when it’s ready):
mv ~/Pictures ~/Pictures_old
  • create the new “Pictures” folder on disk2 (replace <path_to_disk2_mountpoint> by the path where disk2 is mounted):
mkdir <path_to_disk2_mountpoint>/Pictures
  • link this folder in your home:
ln -s <path_to_disk2_mountpoint>/Pictures ~/Pictures

And so, “/home/<your_username>/Pictures” will have the “Pictures” folder from disk2 as content.

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