My laptop has been freezing up a lot in the last couple days

Couple days ago I noticed that my computer started to hitch a little but, sometimes it freezes for about 10 seconds at a time. This happens even when my temps, cpu and memory usage are low. Today I had to do a hard reboot after it froze up on me completely for the first time since ive installed it months ago. No sure whats happening but curious if theres anything i can do to debug this.

This could either be a hardware issue (failing component of some sort) or a software issue.

Lets hope the latter. Try booting into GRUB - choose advanced options and choose to boot with an earlier kernel

do you have any idea what component might be failing? I have a low end ssd that I put in a couple of years ago btw. I feel like that would most likely be the issue. It does tend to happen more noticably when Im downloading or moving large files.