Need help with budgie welcome translations

Hi all,

perhaps the simplest way to contribute to an opensource project is to lend a hand - a few minutes here and there - to translating an application into your native speaking language.

Fancy having a go?

It is very simple - just signup to transifex and select your language. Click the translate button and away you go!

Many thanks in advance - I look forward to seeing budgie-welcome in many more languages in the future … and it will be all thanks to you!


Hereby requesting review possibility on my account, seen many commits from others that are not reviewed for a year and would gladly help out, as well as my wife. My request is for the nl_NL translation.


granted - and cheers!

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How can we review strings?


Do like I did in my post above. Give a brief reason why, explain which version(-s) and that was pretty much it. Keep in mind that I already started making new strings before asking review rights. Also keep in mind that if your language already has a reviewer who is active, the reply may turn out negative.

Edit: feel free to edit your post, saves clutter :slight_smile:

Do we have reviewers for hungarian language? I would like to volunteer as one! :slight_smile:

Just started to look into the hungarian translation and it is a mess. No guidelines were followed, i cannot decide if the people who translated it cannot speak english or hungarian… anyway i do my best, since a couple of days i try to correct as much as possible and finish some missing strings.


please do help out. There are 6 members of the Hungarian team currently.

much appreciated.

If needed, i would like to help out as a reviewer, but no idea how to become one. :slight_smile:

there you go - you are now a Hungarian reviewer. Cheers.

thank you sir, it is an honor for me to help!

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Hi, I already registered.
Budgie-Apples is 100% translated into Portuguese from Brazil.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Thank You! What I can help I’ll be here.
I think the translation into Brazilian Portuguese is 100% ready for use.

Hi, I’ve been using Ubuntu Budgie as my main desktop distro some months now and so far I love it (even have installed it on computers for all my family)

I would like to contribute with the Spanish translation. Is there any reviewers right now? If not I would love to become one.


many thanks - your role has been updated to be a reviewer.

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Thank you @fossfreedom, expect my contributions from now on :grinning:


I translated the last few strings for the French part :wink:


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I added some polish translations, but I do not know if there is an active reviewer for the Polish language. I will be grateful for an answer.

We don’t have a reviewer for the Polish language. All submitted translations are at the moment automatically accepted.

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Thanks, I will be glad to help.