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Need help with budgie welcome translations


Hi all,

perhaps the simplest way to contribute to an opensource project is to lend a hand - a few minutes here and there - to translating an application into your native speaking language.

Fancy having a go?

It is very simple - just signup to transifex and select your language. Click the translate button and away you go!

Many thanks in advance - I look forward to seeing budgie-welcome in many more languages in the future … and it will be all thanks to you!


Hereby requesting review possibility on my account, seen many commits from others that are not reviewed for a year and would gladly help out, as well as my wife. My request is for the nl_NL translation.



granted - and cheers!


How can we review strings?



Do like I did in my post above. Give a brief reason why, explain which version(-s) and that was pretty much it. Keep in mind that I already started making new strings before asking review rights. Also keep in mind that if your language already has a reviewer who is active, the reply may turn out negative.

Edit: feel free to edit your post, saves clutter :slight_smile: