Need help with budgie welcome translations

excellent - you are now a reviewer. cheers

Where can i find resources for Budgie Menu translations?
I just finished translating all the resources (Polish language) that were on Transifex but I could not find translations for Administration, Preferences and Science category from Budgie Menu. There is also an untranslated text in Raven -> Volume Control section.

The menu comes from upstream Gnome. Where though I dont know.

Raven is definitely upstream budgie on their translation system

Note: I suspect those dispatcher strings though are not budgie but could be pulseaudio or another gnome project

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Ok, thanks. It looks that Gnome polish translation team has 100% UI translated. I will ask them about these menu categories.
Temporarily, I used a workaround by editing some category files in /usr/share/desktop-directores and adding to each:
Name[pl]= translation

@fossfreedom At the time of writing, Portuguese(Portugal) is fully translated in Transifex

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