New window shuffler is now available - feedback welcome

Window Shuffler was introduced in 18.04 and was well received Window Shuffler

For 20.04 @vlijm has spent some considerable amount of time taking this to the next level

  1. Completely rewritten in Vala - fast (instant) to launch with more capabilities. New keybinding CTRL+ALT+S to launch the GUI
  2. Discoverable - “Window Shuffler Control” is a menu option

  1. Runs with and without a graphical interface
  2. preview positions - easy to see where windows will be placed
  3. Jump control - can switch window positions easily
  4. numeric keypad control - introduces quarter tiling, half tiling in vertical/horizonal and full-
  5. tile all windows within the grid at once
  6. This now works on 4K compatible systems

Its available to test on 18.04/19.10 and 20.04 through our daily testing PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo apt install budgie-window-shuffler

for 19.10 & 20.04 users - using Settings - Keyboard - unassign the keyboard shortcuts:

Run Menu - WIndow Shuffler Control - and enable at least the Window Shuffler - optionally the GUI

Remember - dont use the old keybinding for shuffler Super + S - new new GUI keybinding is CTRL+ALT+S

Logout and login - all instructions are in the Shuffler Control window.

Let us know your thoughts

Why have we switched the keybinding?
Can we have a user configurable keybinding

Only Keybinding that changed is Ctrl + Alt + S to call the GUI grid. If you want, you can set Any other shortcut to run /usr/lib/budgie-window-shuffler/togglegui, or copy the .bde file of the corresponding functionality from /usr/share/budgie-extras-daemon to ~/.local/share/budgie-extras-daemon and change the shortcut it sets, log out/in.

The quarter/half tiling shortcuts are the same, the jump and tile-all shortcuts are new.
Currently, there is no GUI to change the shortcuts.

That’s cool, I’ll see if I can get a GUI in :slight_smile:

All. Nice video of the new shuffler capability has been added to the first post. Enjoy.

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