Not responding, Wait or Force Quit

Just about every day, I get a “Not Responding, Wait or Force Quit” box pop up on my Thunderbird. A couple of days ago, I got it on everything I had open: Files, LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Calc.

Any ideas what is suddenly causing this?

I have not downloaded and installed anything new.

Ubuntu Budgie 20.04.4 LTS

How much ram do you have on your pc?

I have 4 GB of RAM. Thunderbird has been doing it for 3 months. The other stuff started a couple of weeks ago.

Try adding more ram to your machine if you can. 8gb is the recommended minimum nowadays if you are opening a lot of stuff.
If you can’t add ram, there are lots of tutorials online on how to add swap to your system in ubuntu.

Its worth double checking if your hard-disk is ok

From the menu - search for disks to Run GNOME-Disks - then in the … choose Smart Data and tests.

Worth also to see if this user specific or system wide. Create another account and login with that. Run using that account for a while. If the issue occurs then its system wide.

Also use

journalctl -ae --full

from a terminal - so run the above immediately after you see the issue - scroll up to the exact time and see if there are any messages being logged - could give a clue as to what is going on.

Can’t add more RAM. I already have a Swap partition of 10 GB.

The hard disk is ok. I’ll do the journal command line the next time it happens and post it here.